A San Diego Dream Come True

 by So Diego Tours

Ask anyone who knows me and they will agree that I have an undying love for San Diego. It is Americas Finest City after all! My love affair with this city began when I moved here for college (Go Aztecs!) and has now been going strong for seven years. There is so much to do, see and/or experience in San Diego. For those who live here there is an understood list of events and places that you must see or experience if you are going to be considered a San Diegan.  It’s almost like earning your patches in Girl Scouts. Well, I am proud to say that after last week I have earned a very coveted San Diego patch that doesn’t come around too often.

World FamousIt was a Sunday night and my craving for the Nut-Crusted Brie at World Famous was calling my name. If you have not tried the Nut-Crusted Brie at World Famous you are missing out! If you go on Mondays it is half-off all appetizers, Brie included, 4pm to close, but only in the bar area so come prepared to wait for seating. The Brie is worth full price and then some, trust me.  So I decided to grab one of my friends and head to World Famous to feed my craving. Our table was inside, right against the window with a gorgeous view of the Ocean; there isn’t really a bad seat in the house. We ordered the infamous Brie, a bottle of wine and the Crab and Shrimp Martini. This alone made it a great night, but little did I know what was to come.

The sunset just before witnessing the green flash!

As the sun set,  people began to gather around and watch the beautiful site. I, like most people, love to watch the sunset, especially in the hopes of seeing the Green Flash. I was introduced to the story of the Green Flash right after I moved to San Diego. After countless years of watching the sunset and waiting for the flash phenomena with no result,  I had had enough. At the table we began to discuss the mystery of the Green Flash and questioned if it really even existed. I then blurted out “I don’t even believe in the Green Flash, I bet people just make it up.”  At that moment the sun slowly began to disappear behind the blanket of blue sea and then FLASH!  My jaw hit the floor in amazement. It was as if the Green Flash gods heard my cries of doubt and decided to answer with a flash of green. The couple next to me looked at me with the same awe inspired expression and at that moment we came to the conclusion together that we had just witnessed the green flash! I could not contain my excitement!

After blasting out my experience on every social media platform possible, I got back to business and began to devour the Brie. It was another successful San Diego summer night filled with delicious food, great drinks, excellent company and a memorable event! I am proud to say that I have earned my ‘Green Flash’ patch and I’m wearing it proudly on my San Diegan sash! I’m one step closer to being a true San Diegan!

Have you ever witnessed the Green Flash? What are some other things that you would consider being on the “Must Do” list to be considered a San Diegian?

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