Best Downtown San Diego Acai Bowls

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I’ve spooned up these purple treats for breakfast, lunch and as a reward for a long bike ride. The acai bowl. The essential ingredients are strawberries, bananas and the namesake Brazilian super-fruit. It’s pronounced AH-say-ee, and is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids. There are myriad spots in downtown San Diego that […]

San Diego’s Best Oyster Happy Hours

Oysters have long been rumored to be aphrodisiacs. Kusshis. Kumamotos. Fanny Bays. It could well be that these bivalve mollusks contain certain amino acids that, well, make you horny, baby. Libido drivers or not, I love slurping oysters, especially at Happy Hour prices. Here are my Top 3 spots in downtown San Diego for grabbing […]