The Secret Is Out!

Enchantress - Mission Valley

If you ask me, Victoria has spread herself far too thin to be bragging about any secrets. If you, like me, fail to appreciate the sexiness of hot pink block letters appliqued across your (or your significant other’s) derriére, then follow me on my hunt for genuinely seductive lingerie for grown women… One of San […]

Break Out of Your Chains!


Every month you have the perfect opportunity to stray from the herd. While they plod (or stampede) along the well worn path toward Target or Walmart, you can blaze your own trail (at your own pace) into San Diego’s Historical Gaslamp Quarter for some fresh non-conformist fashions. There’s a hidden treasure on 6th Avenue. It’s […]

Get Your Brogue On!

The Harp (Ocean Beach)

There are many things Americans do well, but the Irish kick arse in the pub department. If you’re feeling a wee bit peckish, thirsty for the ice cold “Black Stuff” (that’s Guinness, folks), or you’re just wanting to hang with some off-your-nut rugby fanatics, it’s a “public house” you’re looking for. Being the philanthropic Woman on […]

A Slice of the Big Apple in San Diego’s Little Italy


Are you… …a hip tourist looking to blend with the locals? …looking to take your mate on the ultimate date? …an independent spirit in search of a stimulating place to wander? …in charge of planning the next ‘man-free’ excursion for the ladies? If so, whip out your Blackberry and start taking notes because this Woman […]