On the edge of a dream

The Age Traveller

Basking in the sun of San Diego’s southern point, Ben Stubbs begins to understand the magic of ‘America’s finest city’. Down the Interstate 5 freeway from Los Angeles, the urban sprawl is unending. The beachside communities of Orange County are bustling and full of tourists. We descend on San Diego and drive as far south […]

Tuesday Travel Ticker: Glide Across Paris


By Chris Erskine: Los Angeles Times Staff Writer Here’s a different way to see Paris: Every Sunday afternoon, thousands of rollerbladers of all skill levels take to the streets with police escorts.  The route changes weekly and is posted here . . . . In 2011, nearly 20% of U.S. flights arrived more than 15 minutes late, Bureau of […]

Style Profile: Bianca Jaime


Bianca Jaime isn’t your typical San Diego tour guide. The striking 27-year-old Jaime is of Mexican American decent and grew up in San Diego’s South Bay. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Jaime sought a new side of the city and sprouted roots downtown. While exploring the many emerging districts, including her ‘hood […]



Gaslamp 101: Drink up, class! By Karla Peterson TEST SUBJECT: The Gaslamp for Beginners THE BIG PICTURE San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is the place where flashy locals, carousing Chargers and rowdy tourists break out the sausage-casing frocks and hair gel for a weekend of pricey dining and adventures in nightclub debauchery. This makes the nighttime Gaslamp an […]