Cavalia – A Magical Show in San Diego!

 by So Diego Tours

I could wait to write this post after I watched the full show, but I didn’t want to hold off any longer.  I don’t care if you’re a burly man, a computer geek, too cool for school, or “too busy”, if you had any respect for the arts or you own personal entertainment, you would make time (and save the money) to go and watch this show.  It’s Cavalia, the world’s first equestrian ballet with over 50 horses and 40 human performers prancing, jumping, flipping, swinging, and dancing on stage under the “big white top” in the parking lot of Petco Park in Downtown, San Diego.

Cavalia San Diego

An equestrian ballet?  Yes!  You read right!  Our mini preview started with a gorgeous horse literally dancing to the beat of the music.  There were people doing crazy acrobatics on the backs, sides, and fronts of the horses running at top speeds, and a live band complete with a cello and an Enya-type singer.  My experience was both emotional and magical.  I sat in amazement and in awe at these beautiful beings (human and horse), and their grace and elegance coexisting on stage for my amusement.

Cavalia San Diego

Cavalia has been wowing audiences for the past 10 years, and this is their last stop in the States before heading to Australia.  Founder, Normand Latourelle – a co-creator of Cirque du Soleil, has worked diligently to make a dream into a reality with this show.  Over 100 professionals orchestrate the production of Cavalia, and since they love San Diego so much, they have decided to keep the show here until December 30 for our viewing pleasure.

Cavalia San Diego

Ticket prices start at $50 for adults, and can go up to over $200 for VIP/behind-the-scenes tickets.  And, since the show has popped up in Downtown, you can take advantage of the best places in the area for dinner and a drink before and after the show.  Here are my picks:


Meze Grill – $$

Bolillo Tortas – $

Cafe Sevilla – $$

Donovan’s Prime Seafood – $$$

Cowboy Star – $$$

Have fun!




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