So Diego Summer Love

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So Diego Summer Love!

Fun and Unique Date Night/Day Activities to Do in San Diego this Summer!


The first date can be a tricky one to plan… Not only can it be nerve-racking, but there are sooo many options to choose from here in San Diego that it could drive you crazy! Luckily for you, we have put a few fun date itineraries together to take the stress (and awkwardness, fingers-crossed) out of what should be a stress-free and fun experience for you and your date!

Here are our Top 3 Picks that combine a perfect mixture of adventure, cuisine, and quality time-spending!

Impress that special someone with a Day Date that shows off your adventurous spirit!

 Perfect Date #1: Coronado Sunday Brunch Adventure

 Step 1: Ferry ride to Coronado Island

 What’s more romantic than a boat ride?  Ummm… not much, except a boat ride with the beautiful San Diego Skyline as your background. What a unique and fun way to show your date your ability to think outside the box?

Start this date destination by heading over to 900 N. Harbor Drive and purchase your ticket to board the Ferry –  the fare is $4.75/person (one-way). We recommend shooting for the noon departure, that way you can make it in time for your next destination. The most important part about this is that you do not stress and allow yourself time to make the Ferry to Coronado.

Once you’ve boarded the Ferry to Coronado, take your seats, sit back and enjoy the beautiful views… Think Titanic, sans the whole sinking bit… More like King/Queen of the world, romantic stuff.  :)

Step 2:  Candelas Bottom-less Mimosas

Once you’ve made it over to Coronado, perhaps make a joke about how you’re really happy that you made it there without sinking… Totally optional. What is not a joke is that you now get to go enjoy Bottom-less Mimosas!! Whoo-Hoo!

Candelas is right off the Ferry Landing, You can’t miss it and they have a fantastic brunch from 11am-3pm every Sunday for $27.50/person, and included the brunch buffet and delicious bottom-less mimosas! Not to mention the amazing views that you have of the city and the bay.

Step 3: After you’ve enjoyed your bottom-less Mimosas, wonderful views, and great conversation, the rest is up to you, head back to the city soaking up every moment.

The next two date ideas can take place either during the week or on a weekend evening.

Perfect Date #2: Dinner and a Show

Yes I know, this seems quite typical, however there is a bit of a spin on this activity!

Step 1: Pick up your date, and head over to Wine Vault in Mission Hills.

If you’ve never been to Wine Vault, this would be the perfect opportunity to impress your date! Just remember that they are only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for dinner.

They have a fantastic tasting menu that varies with whatever is fresh and seasonal, and changes almost daily. Find out which day works best for you and your date and call and make a reservation, keeping in mind that the dinner will take about 1.5 hours minimum. We recommend arriving around 5:30 pm so that you can complete the night by enjoying a show either at the National Comedy Theatre  or at Cinema Under the Stars, depending on whether or not you think you need a laugh, or just to get close and watch a cult classic, up to you just put your feelers out there.

 Step 2: Treat your date to a show

After enjoying a delectable dinner, head over to your show of choice, highly advisable to ask your date beforehand what they would like to do or prefer, there’s no wrong answer, plus they will appreciate the consideration!

Just visit the website below to purchase tickets and view current shows playing:

Visit: National Comedy Theatre   Show starts at 7:30pm

        Cinema Under the Stars     Show starts at 8:00pm

 Step 3: Cuddle up and enjoy the show!

Perfect Date #3: Take So Diego Tours’ Tequila, Tacos and Tombstones Culinary tour of Old Town.

 The last activity that we have picked out for you and your date, is truly unique, and a fantastic way to experience the city like never before, and the best part is that it’s all-inclusive! Meaning we do all of the work for you… Awesome, right?

It’s our Tequila, Tacos, and Tombstones Culinary tour of Old Town!

It combines food and history into a one of a kind, unforgettable experience. Travel

back in time with us as we explore the Birthplace of California, the

events, and people who have transformed Old Town San Diego.


4 Delicious local Mexican eateries

Haunted tales, mariachi music, lots of food, and fun!


Book Here

The tour is 2.5 Hours and $45/person


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