Donut Bar: Artisan Donuts in Downtown San Diego

 by So Diego Tours

Donut Bar Downtown San Diego just opened in 2013Although I have a weakness for, well, pretty much anything with sugar, the doughy-sweet goodness of donuts has always topped my list. When I first heard about the new Donut Bar that opened in March 2013 in downtown San Diego I knew it wouldn’t be long before I convinced someone else to give into temptation and indulge with me! Just a few days after bringing up my donut proposition, I had succeeded in finding company for my adventure. We decided to have an early morning field trip from our office to the Donut Bar! After all breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

Donut Bar Downtown San Diego opened in 2013


In case you have not yet heard about Donut Bar, it is quite a unique place. Located at 631 B St., their one-of-a-kind creations are truly a delight for your taste buds. Lemon pistachio, Saigon cinnamon & sugar, and a bacon maple bar are just a few examples of these heavenly creations. (**Note: they create different doughy treats everyday so if you want to check and see if they have your favorite that day, check out Donut Bar on Facebook or Tumblr.)

After a short walk over, (this was our attempt to justify the seven donuts we were about to order!) we were greeted by the sweet aroma of Donut Bar. Just to the left of the door you will find the menu of available donuts for the day. When you walk inside you will see all the tantalizing options laid out behind the glass for you to admire. With so many one-of-a-kind donuts to choose from, it took us at least five minutes to finally make our decision. We ended up selecting two crème brulee, one raspberry round, one starbucks Donut Bar Downtown San Diego just opened in 2013tribute, a few of the chocolate bars, and a maple bar! We thanked the lovely staff, grabbed some napkins, and hurried out the door to open our box of donuts right there! We didn’t see the point in waiting until we got back to the office to enjoy our donuts so we began sampling them as we walked. Our walk went something like this: take a bite, pass it to the next person, then bite the next one, pass, and repeat! I thoroughly enjoyed the Starbucks tribute; it had the perfect hint of coffee flavored frosting on top of the moist doughy base. For those of you who like filled donuts, we highly recommend the crème brulee and raspberry round for some burst in your mouth flavor! My only regret this time was not trying the lemon pistachio donut, but I guess this only means another field trip in the near future is a MUST!

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