Farm Fresh is the Best!

 by So Diego Tours

With the holidays approaching and Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s time to think about hitting the grocery stores. I don’t know about you, but there is nothing less appealing than the thought of going to the grocery store, under the bright lights, fending for your life as you search for the perfect turkey and green beans for your famous green bean casserole. Fear not because San Diego has the best solution for you and your grocery list needs. Instead of going to the grocery store, pick one of San Diego’s awesome neighborhood certified Farmers’ Markets. There is one almost every day of the week!

Grab delicious baked goods at the Horton Square market downtown. Take in the stunning bayside view while grabbing a glowing bunch of Sunflowers in Coronado. Hit the boardwalk after grabbing some fresh vegetables in Pacific Beach. Buy an amazing and unique pair of earrings in Ocean Beach or grab a gigantic piece of pizza to munch on as you walk up and down the market in Little Italy. The possibilities are endless!

Each farmers’ market offers it’s own treasures and ambiance and as a certified farmers’ market┬áthe State of California ensures that the produce is being sold by the grower, is grown in California and meets all California quality standards. So during the holidays you are not only serving the freshest food to your guests, but you are also supporting your local San Diego farmers and businesses!