Little Italy Food Tour

A Look At Little Italy, San Diego

  • Visit three Italian restaurants in one evening
  • Enjoy three food samples and one beverage at each restaurant
  • Experience a night tour of Little Italy
  • Meet the Italian families of the area

$120 per person – 2.5 hours (For Groups of 8 or more)

As you walk the streets of Little Italy, neighbors greet each other, the aroma of delicious Italian foods fills the air, and the faint sounds of residents speaking Italian float from nearby restaurants and cafés. Little Italy is a quaint Downtown San Diego neighborhood, lined with small restaurants, markets, galleries, and boutiques. The dog-friendly neighborhood is a local favorite as it sets the perfect setting for a romantic evening of indulging in wine, pasta, live music, and homemade gelato.

So Diego Tours has developed a fun Little Italy culinary tour that not only educates you about the Sicilian immigrants who lived in the bay front fishing village, but also introduces you to the many restaurants established by some of the founders of Little Italy. You will experience the flavors of 3 restaurants in the area as we serve you hefty portions of delicious Italian food and desserts. Experience Little Italy at our favorite venues. Listen to live jazz or a local opera singer to top off the evening as you savor Italian coffee and cannoli.

Contact us at (619) 233-8687 to reserve a Little Italy Food Tour.