Marriott Marina Face Lift

 by So Diego Tours

The curved, silver towers of the Marriott Marina Hotel have been an icon of the San Diego bayfront since 1987.  It is a titan of hotels in Downtown San Diego as the Convention Center’s next door neighbor and as the city-front marina adjacent to Sea Port Village.  It has been the main home to convention visitors since the construction of the convention center began in 1987, and continues to have a strong presence amongst conventioneers, despite later bay front additions; The Manchester Grand Hyatt and most recently, The Hilton Bayfront Hotel.

San Diego is an ever-evolving city with new buildings sprouting, a new baseball stadium, and now, plans to expand the Convention Center a third of its current size.  The iconic silver towers is in the position to modernize and revamp its facade and theme, otherwise, its newest hotel neighbor, the Hilton Bayfront and the Convention Center’s future hotel will overshadow the titan.

Construction Begins..

Plans to revitalize and modernize the Marriott Marina has started.  Its proposed improvements include: Marina Hall, a 42,000 square-foot ballroom and exhibit space; Marina Terrace, an open-air event space along the Embarcadero walkway; and Marina Walk, a promenade lined with public art and beautiful landscaping.  But, the construction has started at the Marriott’s core…its tropical pool.  The new pool is said to be finished in April 2011, and will include most of the palm trees from before, additional cabanas near the Roy’s building, and waterfalls.  It will have a more modern and urban feel to it, maintaining the essence of San Diego as a metropolitan waterfront city.