Movember Madness Moves San Diego!

 by So Diego Tours

MovemberWhat do the following four men have in common?


If you thought to yourself well, pretty much nothing then you are right! EXCEPT for the fact that these four have sported famous facial hair for decades! These iconic mustaches have been around long before Movember became a craze, but there is no denying the influence they have on the month of Movember today.

In case you haven’t heard about the mustache craze that is sweeping the globe let me introduce you to Movember… According to Urban Dictionary it is “…the month in which people gather together to grow and compare mustaches. Participants begin the month clean shaven and cultivate their mustaches throughout the month. The month climaxes with participants comparing and appreciating each other’s mustaches in a manly way.”

Movember actually originated in Australia in 2003 when two friends decided to bring back the mustache that they recognized as an ever-returning fashion trend. They put together a few rules and challenged a handful of friends to grow out their mustaches for a month. They also decided that they would charge a $10 participation fee and that the proceeds would go to a campaign for men’s health and prostate cancer. Every year since then, Movember has spread to more participants and countries than ever before. In 2012 Movember was spread to 21 countries and included 1,127,152 “Mo Bros and Mo Sistas” who together raised $147 million. Today it is a widespread celebration and fundraising event for men’s health including prostate and testicular cancer and mental health. You can learn all about the history and current events of Movember here. This official website is also where you can sign up to participate, learn about the fundraisers and contact mustache communities near you.

The San Diego community is also becoming a larger participant in the mustache craze. Every year there are more events honoring the ‘stache and this year will be no exception. Kick off Movember in San Diego with the “Shave the Date” celebration as Floyd’s 99 Barbershop offers free shaves to participants of Movember. The party will continue at San Diego’s Quality Social from 5:30- 7:30 with more free shavings and drinks with fellow Mo Bros and Mo Sistas. More information is available here!

You can see more information about Movember events in San Diego here when you search San Diego!

Here are a few other Movember events going on throughout the month in San Diego that you’ll want to be sure to check out:

-Movember 16: The 2013 Movember Mustche Ride is a free to participate in bike ride starting in Balboa Park at 11am where Movember participants ride their way to Thorn Street Brewery to show their mustache pride! More info available here.

-December 5: You definitely won’t want to miss the official Movember Event, San Diego Gala Parte, taking place at Moonshine Flats. Mustache judging takes place at 8pm so be sure and buy your tickets here!

And now, of course, to honor some of the most outrageous and awesome ‘staches of the internet world…

Movember We will call this one the almost-octopus-’stache!

Ummm is that thing even real?!?!  Movember

Movember Well, this takes the handle bar mustache to a whole new level!

I have no words for this one… movember

                    Movember And this is just because he’s cute!


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