San Diego’s Best Nightlife Spots

 by So Diego Tours

San Diego is a city known for its pleasant atmosphere and laid back lifestyle – but by no means does that imply that things don’t get active when the sun goes down! As a matter of fact, San Diego nightlife is on par with the best the U.S. has to offer, whether you’re looking for casual bars, energetic clubs, or even the occasional gambling venture. Here’s a look at some of the best clubs and casinos in San Diego!

San Diego

No discussion about San Diego nightlife is complete without mention of FLUXX, which after opening in 2010 has become one of the city’s top club destinations. The decor alone is enough to put FLUXX on a very unique list – from grass patch carpets and fake wooden, tree-inspired walls, to modern furniture and a neon purple light that seems to permeate everything, FLUXX provides an otherworldly blend of environments. It’s an easy place in which to lose yourself and have fun.


Ignore the obnoxious title for just a second – this is one of the coolest clubs in San Diego. Yes, it combines EDM with a a basement setting – hence the name. But Bassmnt is also one of the biggest and most unique clubs in the city. Two DJ booths, two fully stocked bars, twenty bottle service tables, a dance floor, and 3D light projections comprise the massive and energetic atmosphere of the main room. If that’s not enough, the club also hosts live shows from electronic artists.

Harrah’s Rincon Casino & Resort

No longer do San Diego residents have to rely on long drives to Vegas or Internet casino sites for gambling entertainment! BetFair online may offer a great simulation of the casino experience, but there’s nothing quite like the real experience – which is exactly what Harrah’s in San Diego offers. 59 card tables and over 1700 slot machines comprise the bulk of this active, glitzy casino. Additionally, the Dive Day Club and spa facilities at the resort will truly make you feel like you landed in Vegas!


This is another giant nightclub that’s helping to put San Diego’s nightlife scene on the map in a major way. The club towers 3 levels, with each level offering a different vibe, but the main attraction is definitely the rooftop bar. VIP customers and open fire pits make for an awesome atmosphere up top – not to mention it’s a bit easier to breathe above the crowded street level! This is not a cheap club to visit, but it’s certainly worth a stop.


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