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 by So Diego Tours

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Bianca Jaime isn’t your typical San Diego tour guide.

The striking 27-year-old Jaime is of Mexican American decent and grew up in San Diego’s South Bay. After graduating from the University of San Diego, Jaime sought a new side of the city and sprouted roots downtown. While exploring the many emerging districts, including her ‘hood of Little Italy, it didn’t take long for Jaime to recognize an opportunity in the local tourism industry.

There have to be some tourists who are sick of the same routine, right? In 2010, Jaime launched So Diego Tours, a lifestyle tour company designed to help visitors live like locals. After all, it takes a real native to know that San Diego isn’t just surfboards and sunshine. Before the Gaslamp became synonymous with posh nightclubs and sky-high hotels, a more controversial culture controlled Fifth Avenue. In Brothels, Bites and Booze, Jaime unveils the secrets of our city’s past while guests eat and drink their way through Gaslamp restaurants. More themed tours take on wineries and nightclubs.

When she’s not directing tourists to all things cool, Jaime can be found singing burlesque at Syrah, dancing like no one’s watching at Fluxx or yachting across the bay at sunset.

Get to know Bianca Jaime in this week’s Style Profile.

Q: What is your current profession?

A: I am the owner of So Diego Tours; a lifestyle tour company offering unique San Diego experiences to

locals and visitors, alike. Depending on the day, I can be found creating and cultivating relationships with

restaurants, lounges and hotels, or developing customized nights out or sightseeing tours for clients.

Q: Give us the scoop on Rouge! When did you form the group, and what can we expect to see during a live performance?

A: This is a funny story. About a year ago, I posted on Facebook about my love for singing and my desire to sing sexy burlesque at a local bar in the Gaslamp. When a friend saw it, she mentioned it to the owner of Vin de Syrah, and he invited me in to audition for all of the managers. I auditioned the following week, and got the job to sing two days after my audition. After singing for about three months on my own, I really wanted to expand on my current gig. It just so happened that – thanks to Facebook, again – two of my high school choir classmates attended my show. I hadn’t seen them in years! I casually asked them if they still sang, and whether they would be willing to perform with me. They were ecstatic! We started rehearsing that weekend, and within the month, we auditioned as a trio. The rest is history!

Q: What is your ultimate career goal?

A: I would like to get my signature food and wine tasting tours to the point where they are running themselves, and I can go on creating fun monthly tours, custom tours, and international tours. My ultimate dream would be to host a travel TV show that incorporates culture, food, fashion, and entertainment while benefiting each city that I travel to.

Q: What is your life motto for success, at work and at home?

A: I don’t really have a motto, but my dad has always taught me to live by the words PEACE and LOVE. It may sound a bit “Flower Child-like”, but I like it. To have peace is to be in the present moment and have an inner calmness – no matter what happens in the world around me. To love is to exude light and passion for everything that I say, do, and represent.

Q: Who is the most important female role model in your life?

A: My mother is the most important female role in my life. She has taught me how to conduct myself with grace, while standing my ground for what I believe in and what I really want out of life. She is from Mexico, and is the eldest of eight children. She started working at the age of 14, and was one of the main bread earners of her family. She has been the anchor of her family, and continues to be mine. She is my best friend and sister. We even share our clothes!

Q: In what ways do you give back to the San Diego community?

A: I started my tour company for the sake of raising awareness about San Diego’s history, and to shed light to the local establishments. So many people come to San Diego with the idea that we are all sunshine and surf, but we actually have a very interesting history, as well. Since most of my tours involve going to a number of food and drink establishments, I help them market their venues to get more people in their doors. It’s free marketing to them!

Q: How do you approach the art of getting dressed?

A: My outfits always are a reflection of my mood. I can feel feisty, romantic, happy, tough, and professional, and each one of my looks will be completely different from the next. I rarely wear the same outfit twice. I buy a lot of low-priced items that I go through pretty quickly, but when you pair them with a few highpriced items that you keep for a while, the combinations are endless!

Q: From head to toe, what do you feel best wearing?

A: Lately, since it’s been a little chilly, I love wearing G-Star Jeans, my blue boots, a comfy flowy top, and a leather jacket all held together with a headpiece by Jeweliany.

Q: What are your go-to San Diego fashion boutiques?

A: Eden, Haven, Dolcetti, Twirl.

Q: Favorite high-fashion designers of all time?

A: I would have to day Dolce & Gabana. They are sexy, classy and a bit funky.

Q: How do you stay in such great shape? What is your fitness routine?

A: I LOVE to eat, so it’s important for me to stay active. I’ve always loved running on the bay and doing the stairs at the Convention Center. I dance quite a bit with Rouge, and I love to ride my road bike when I get the chance.

Q: San Diego hair salon and stylist you can’t live without?

A: My girl Amber at House of Hair in North Park. I’ve been seeing her since I was 14!!

Q: What must-have items do you carry in your purse?

A: Pink lipstick

Q: No matter how busy you are, you always make time for ____.

A: Reading. It’s my form of meditation, and you can learn so many things! I read everything from blog posts, to magazines, to business books, to novels.

Q: Favorite meal at a San Diego restaurant?

A: Oh dang…this one is hard. I love the burgers at the Glass Door in Little Italy. The view is phenomenal, the burgers are to die for, and the drinks are perfect!

Q: What is your perfect San Diego weekend?

A: My mind changes from week to week, but this is what I’d do this weekend if I had the weekend free. Friday would be to perform at Syrah, have a drink there, then head to Pasha for hookah and champagne. Saturday morning would be to wake up around 9, head out on a bike ride up the 101, stop in Encinitas for lunch, and ride back down to take a nap before heading to a dinner party with friends and then an awesome dance session at FLUXX. Sunday would be brunch with my best friends and/or parents, a stroll in a neighborhood with some sort of outdoor event, and a brief boat ride out on the bay for sunset. The evening would be spent in my PJs reading or watching a movie.

Q: Three unique things we don’t know about you?

A: I love elephants, I get nauseous at the sight of blood, I’m slightly hard-headed ;)

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