Coronado Ferry and Food Tasting

Beer Tasting

Visit 3 Coronado restaurants Beer tasting at a local brewery Walking historic tour Transportation to and from hotel $65 per person; groups of 8 or more Coronado is considered the crowned neighborhood of San Diego, mainly because it has been one of the most luxurious areas, historically. It is a peninsula just off the coast of […]

VIP Tours


For the ultimate experience in a new city, it’s best to have a friend or family to show you around, but what if you don’t know anyone in San Diego?  Or, perhaps you’re too busy to tour your high-profile clients around your home town?  So Diego Tours is up to date with the current happenings […]

Sightseeing Tours

Bottling Equipment

Getting to know a new city in not only exciting, but it can be daunting, especially when there are so many options to choose from.  So Diego Tours helps you plan your time so that you are exploring the iconic sights, as well as the hidden gems of the city.  These are just a few […]

Beer Tasting Tours

Happy friends drinking beer at counter in pub, chatting with fem

San Diego is known for beautiful beaches and sunshine, but we are also the capitol of craft beer!  So Diego Tours has put a few ideas together for fun beer tasting experience, but contact us to set up your custom experience.  We will show you the ropes of the best breweries all around San Diego. […]

The Yo Ho Rum Sail in San Diego Bay

A beautiful sail boat

  Cruise on the Bay and sip on the drink of Pirates! Sail the San Diego Bay Fill your bellies with rum Take in the breath taking views of the San Diego skyline Investigate a few of San Diego’s favorite bars/restaurants and sip on their signature drinks Private Groups of 4 or more skalleywags will […]