Beaches in San Diego to Fit All Types

San Diego Beaches

It is another beautiful day in sunny San Diego yet you just can’t seem to decide which beach to enjoy today. Although there is no such thing as a bad decision in this case, here is our advice to help you plan out your day. Whether you are hanging out with the family, looking for […]

Enjoying La Jolla On Paw


Enjoying La Jolla on Paw One of my favorite parts of La Jolla is that it’s such a walkable neighborhood. The scenery is gorgeous, the shops tempting, and the mix of ridiculously-fit housewives, college students, business people, tourists, and those with enough time on their hands to spend hours of their the day at a […]

A Beach For Everyone

La Jolla

Do you prefer the sound of Navy jets or barking sea lions? A bonfire or beach volleyball? A shot of wheat grass or tequila with a lime chaser? Birkenstocks or Jimmy Choos? Hard bodies or a rocky coastline? Tacos or tapas? Whatever your preference, central San Diego has a beach for you… Graced with a […]